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Kamal Bookstore

Posted by c109 on March 8, 2009

You all know the Kamal Bookstore. To all those who wonder where they are and how to contact them. Here’s the address:

Kamal Medical Book Supplies Sdn Bhd

138, Jalan Pahang, Opp. GHKL, 53000, Kuala Lumpur

Tel. 603-40210548

And the following are the cost of SOME books you might need in the near future:

  • Browse, Norman L; An Introduction to the Symptoms and Signs of General Surgical; 4th Ed. (2006) Arnold = Rm60
  • Russel, RCG; Bailey and Love’s Short Practics of Surgery; 24th Ed. (2004) = 155
  • Burkitt G Quick CRG; Essential Surgery: Problems, Diagnosis and Management; 3rd Ed. (2002) = Rm115 (But 4th Ed)
  • Mc Lathie G Leaper D, Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery; 2nd Ed (2007) = Rm 59
  • Kumar and Clark: Clinical Medicine; 6th Ed (2005) = Rm95
  • Harrison’s; Forgot to ask what edition = Rm 310
  • Manipal Manual Of Surgery = Rm59

Any other books, please leave at the comment. Thank You. 😀

News for new books (17/3):

  • Davidson’s (i don’t know the full name and what ed) = Rm 98
  • Murray Longmore, Ian Wilkinson, Tom Turmezei, Chee Kay Cheung, Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine; 7th Ed = Rm 55 (sorry for the error. clinical surgery is 59!)
  • The Sarawak handbook that you all might’ve seen from seniors isn’t available at Kamal. It is, however, sold in UM. I forgot the price and will try to find out.

NOTE: To those who doesn’t belong to c109, I don’t own Kamal bookstore. This post is here to provide information to my batchmates, C109. Existence of books or the price can be found out by calling the number above.


12 Responses to “Kamal Bookstore”

  1. Sai.B said

    hpw about a book surgery book called Lecture Note?

  2. c109 said

    lecture note a? I dunno leh..
    i’ll go find out…

  3. Sai.B said

    k.. i think the book name is Lecture Notes on Surgery…

  4. Sha said

    KAMAL medical books MEGA SALE.
    Visit 134, Jalan Pahang, 53000-K.L Opp HKL.
    Medical Book at Very Good Price.

  5. See Chun Yin said

    meeboguest15437: i wanna ask the price of a few books..
    meeboguest15437: i am currently at oversea
    meeboguest15437: wanna compare the price
    meeboguest15437: n decide whether i should buy the books over here
    meeboguest15437: or at msia
    meeboguest15437: i wanna ask
    meeboguest15437: 1. Gray’s Anatomy
    meeboguest15437: 2. Thieme Atlas of Anatomy
    meeboguest15437: how much are they in Kamal Bookstore?
    meeboguest15437: thanx

  6. ling said

    hi, do u have books for sciences? such as chemistry, nutrition? thanks

    • c109 said

      umm…i’m just a student who is promoting the books price at the shop to my batch mates…not the shopkeeper himself…u shud go check it out or call em up…

  7. Sha said

    Hi All,
    KAMAL is specilist in all type of medical science books such foundation course physics, chemistry, biology, genetics..
    Medical course from first year onwards.
    And also allied health science like nutrition, physiotherapy, radiography, dentistry, paramedic, nursing, sports medicine, veterinary etc., Their email ID kmedical@streamyx.com

  8. maimi veronica said

    hai en kamal, i woul like to buy from you this book..’CORE CURICULUM FOR NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE NURSING’.I really need it by november before i proceed my posbasic in neonate on coming january..please email me A.S.A.P…and give me information on how to pay your book…thanks..

  9. Akmal said

    If I am at KLCC, how can I go to Kamal Bookstore? by using the public transport? LCT/Bus….Thank. Pls reply me in the email as well.

  10. Dora said

    I like what you are saying with this but I dont really agree with you 100% on this topic. Id be more likely to take the conservative approach myselfBest Registry Cleaners

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